Good Friday
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Good Friday

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These are my photos from Good Friday at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Shrine in Cleveland, Ohio. Good Friday is the one day in the year when no Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered. Instead, the liturgy is known as the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified, meaning, the Holy Communion to be received on Good Friday (by the priest alone in the pre-1955 liturgy) was consecrated on Holy Thursday, the day before.

Besides the singing of the Passion of Our Lord, the adoration of the Crucifix takes on a central role in the liturgy. The Faithful approach to kiss Our Lord’s feet, in imitation of that very act made by Our Sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross.

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A full-time husband and father devoted to making sure good still exists in this rotten world and that others know it. Aside from all that, I like old, vintage things, and would prefer a return to lead based paint and everything else the media and government have deemed bad for us over the years.

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6 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of Good Friday at St. Elizabeth. God has been so generous and loving to bring the ICKSP to Cleveland to bring us the true Mass of the Ages.

  2. It was very nice of John Volkenant to write the explanation he wrote ahead of these photos. There is so much about the Traditional Liturgy that is unknown to so many Catholics that I wish someone would consider offering a class or retreat to explain some of these rich traditions. I’m convinced that it is this lack of knowledge (understanding) that keeps many Catholics from visiting the TLM. Many of us, who attend the TLM today, aren’t even aware of the meaning behind many of these traditions. In fact, many of us were never taught what the stained-glass windows depicted. There’s a great deal of good information that hasn’t been openly promoted since the early 1960’s. It would be great if TLM priests could somehow promote this history to young Catholics, without getting into trouble. Once again, nice job!

    1. Well said, Rick. Thanks for commenting. You raise some interesting points. We definitely need a return to the basics. I do know that Canon Hoogerwerf had given a conference on the pre-1955 holy week liturgies just a week or so before.

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